Welcome to the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) website for the Delaware Valley Chapter. We hope that you will visit our website often, and take an active role in providing feedback to us, so that we can make more information available to you.

Our chapter serves the Delaware Valley and Mid-Atlantic region. This is comprised of Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

We are making history as we continue to grow the chapter with your membership, and bring exciting programs to you. If you have not already been involved in the membership meetings, we encourage you to do so. Hopefully, you will walk away with more ideas to take back to your organizations, or you may come away with a sense of - "Hey, we had that same problem", or "Our company is not alone in dealing with these issues."

So please make an effort to come to our meetings, provide feedback on topics you would like to hear, and most important of all, meet other people in your field that you can share experiences with. I encourage you to check out the Join page to see how you can become a member of the ISSA and the Delaware Valley Chapter.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!!!

Social Media

The ISSA-DV is happy to provide a number of ways for you to get news and information about events regarding our organization and the security community at large. We are constantly reviewing current media outlets for our news and events so please check back often to see what new we have to offer. Thank you for your interest and enjoy!